Version: 2.9 11.08.2019

> New Hosting-Server

In the past, we had some major Issues with our old Server.
Long loadingtimes, connection-issues and downtimes. These will be fixxed, hopefully, with this new server.
Furthermore, this change opens up new possibilitys for features and more.

Version: 2.8 17.04.2019

> New Raid "Crucible of Storms" added

Prove yourself worthy to N'zoth.

Version: 2.7 12.12.2018

> Raider.IO Button-Changes

The Raider.IO Score will no longer be triggered through hovering above the icon, instead you will have to click on it.

> New Setting: Compact-Layout

On your profile you are able to set a new setting called: compact list design.

> Update a single character

Instead of updating all characters all the time you are able to update one by one now.

> Import-Algorithm Optimization

Old Algorithm:
- Import Characters from 1 - 120
- Update all no existing Characters from this User

New Algorithm:
- Import Characters from 1 - 120
- Update only characters which were added in this process and are level >= 110

> Update-Date for each Charakter

You are now able to see the last time your character has been updated. Right next to your character name on your profile.

> New Streamoverlay-Layouts

There are many more options to choose from in our new Overlaygenerator. From light to dark or even fraction based coloring.

Version: 2.6 05.12.2018

> Custom Lists

A new type of list is available. A custom list won't be shown on the frontpage and won't be available for the search. This type of list got two more options, which could be used to limit the possible entrys:
Minimum Level and Realm

> Extended Character-Import

You are now able to import characters below level 120.
To prevent the profile from overflowing with content, all characters below level 110 are instntly marked as invisible.
Furthermore the level of a character is now shown in the profile.

> Stream-Overlay Creator

The creator of a custom list or community list is now able to create a stream overlay per button on his list.
The overlay shows only active Listentrys:
Participants -> Will be shown
Participated -> Won't be shown
More Overlay-Designs are planned.

> Sorting in raidlists

You are now able to sort the entries in a raidlists by their roles.

> Counter of entered characters

A counter of entered characters will be shown beside every status-header in a list.

Version: 2.5 28.11.2018

> Old Raids

From today on you are able to create lists for older raids as well. If one of your desired raids is missing, contact us.

> Frontpage-Revamp

Reduced Loading-times, simplified design and a clearly arranged design.

> Discord-Shares

After creating a list on the page, the list will be shared immediately on our Discord-Server, so more people will be able to see your newly created list.
Caution: Afterwards Deleted lists will be shown as well.

> Optimizations

Improved Loading-times, Caching and Design-Changes.
Everything for our beloved Loading-Times.

> Reactive-Listen

If you are entering, leaving or changing the position of your entry in a list, others will see your changes now if they have the list opened as well.

> Search-Changes

The search-functionality is now grouped under the Menu Item 'Search'.

> New Logo

Out new Logo is finally here.
Thanks to our designer dopeRun#4468 for creating this logo.

> Changes in a list are now visible

Starting today, you are able to see your changes to list immediately (Description, iLvL, Date, Name).
Support for Raids and Community-Lists.

Version: 2.4 21.11.2018

> New User-Urls

Anticipatory for an extension of the registration possibilities, we have changed our user-urls.
For an example my url changed from /user/RavenstormDEV to /user/91898927-ravenstormdev

> Running-Time for Keystones and Raids

You are now able to set a time for your running date as well.

> Visibility of Characters

You are now able to show which characters should be shown on your profile.

> Extended Search

With the new search-box you are now able to search for characters and users by their usernames.

> fixxed errors

Characters without a score should no langer cause any erros to popup
fixxed some encoding errors which appeared after our database-update

> Optimization / Adjustments

Frontpage adjusted
loading times optimized
meta-description adjusted
og:url adjusted

Version: 2.3 12.11.2018

> New Database

We have moved the old database to a new one and ported the old-data as good as we could.
Reason for the database-change were extended loading times and periodic unattainability of the connection.
If you run into any problems please contact us via contact form or tell us about it in our Discord.

> Reworked Meta-Description

Many websites and services nowadays use meta-tags to generate previews of page after embedding the url. To be able to easily identifiy what is happening in a list we have worked on the OG-Meta-Tags.


[Fraction] Dungeonname +Number by "Creator" on "Running Date"
[Fraction] Community-List by "Creator" on "Running Date"
[Fraction] Raidname [Difficulty Counter of planed Bosses] by "Creator" on "Running Date"


[Horde] Tol Dagor +5 by "ravenstormdev" on "20.11.2018"
[Neutral] Community-List by "ravenstormdev" on "20.11.2018"
[Alliance] Uldir [Heroic 5/8] by "ravenstormdev" on "20.11.2018"
Have fun with these new embeds.

> Solved the logout problem for google-chrome

Self explaining. You are not logged out anymore after 20 minutes of inactivity while using google chrome.

> Improved loading times

We have made sure that more things will end up in the chache to save you some bytes and seconds loading times.

> New Field for Characters: Guild

With this Update we are going to safe / update your Guildname from your character as well.
There may be some guild-functions coming next for you.

Version: 2.2 07.11.2018

> Character-Mapping

- You've transfered to another realm?
- You've renamed your character?
- You've switched your faction?

Here is the solution: Charakter-Mapping!

Since the official Blizzard-API is not able to track down these changes for characters we had to come up for our own solution.
So if you have choses on of the blizzard services listed above, you can use the 'Import Characters' button on your Profile to import your changed character.
Now your character should be listed twice: The old one and the new one after the services.

Now you can map all your listentrys to your new character.

> Raider.IO - Rating is here

The Raider.IO-Hype continues and we have to at least show it on our Page!

Where can this rating be found?

On every place a character is listed... the known Raider.IO-Icon will be shown as well. If you hover over this icon your rating will be retrieved from their API. The shown results depends on the location you are requesting it:
- Raidlist: Your raid-progress
- Communitylist: Your mythic+ score
- Keystonelist: Your mythic+ score
- Profile: Your raid-progress + mythic+ score

Now you will have a clear overview of your score on every character.

> Additional Fields for your lists

With some of your feedback we brought some new fields for your lists to life.

New Fields and their usage:

The first one is min.iLvl which is available for keystones, raids and communitylists.
If this is set, only people with a certain ilvl will be able to sign up for your list.

The second one is Voice-Program. This field is only available for raids and communitylists.
At the moment we designed it for the possiblity of Voiceless,Teamspeak or Discord.
If your list requires some form of communication feel free to use this new field.